A Greener Alternative

In a diverse ecosystem pest populations are regulated naturally. Development of this balance relies on products that minimize harm to pollinators and other beneficial insects. Traps, monitoring stations, lures, and pheromones are used to identify the presence of pests, and to help control them. By using botanical oils as one part of our natural pest control program, we use nature's insecticide to treat your pests in an environmentally responsible manner. As a responsible professional, licensed pest management company we are constantly striving to improve our natural pest control service by utilizing the latest technologies available.

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Having harmful insecticides in your home can, and is, much more likely to cause health problems for you than insects and spider bites would. Exposure to pesticides can not only cause a number of health effects, but is also linked to serious illnesses and diseases in humans- from respiratory problems to cancer. The current solution to pests does take care of the problem but leaves trails for another. Over 90% of pest control spray solutions use toxic chemical compounds, acids, and toxic gases. All combined to make an effective death trap for insects but also to make an effective health hazard.

Rochester Pest Experts knew this was wrong and decided to take a stand by taking a different, ethical approach to a real problem that needed solutions. Our team is constantly working to develop and implement safer solutions to termite, ant, bee, spider, bed bug and other invertebrate infiltrators. We have developed concentrates with botanicals, essential oils, and plant oils that clog insects adrenal glands (octopamine receptors) which in turn, kills the insects. The crazy part? Mammals do not have these receptors which is why these compounds have no effect on our health. Having a safe solution allows our experts to use it as an extermination technique in all areas of the home. To reach the areas where many bugs build their nests, often a pest expert will have to spray and inject the solution into air vents, walls, foundation cracks, etc. With organic solutions we can nip the problem at the bud while also keeping people and pets safe.

Although it is a relief to get rid of all the bugs in your home or workspace in one day, our experts know there are bugs on this earth for a reason and have developed other systems that address the ‘healthy insects.’ Species that help our environment such as bees, mosquitos, ants and more are virtually harmless to humans (unless allergic) and can be trapped and released just as effectively. We have developed lures and holding spaces that attract these critters from their burrows and into safe holding spaces that they can then be released from. This allows for a pest-free home and a safe release of the insect without killing or harming them. We also understand that they can easily make their way back into the home so we have developed and use an environmentally friendly repellent inside and out that pushes them to find homes elsewhere. It may not seem a big deal to kill a few bugs here and there, which is true, but if every home were to poison and kill every bug that entered, our ecosystem would suffer dramatically. Keeping repellants on the perimeter of the house allows for a clean home and a healthy environment.

Our team is fighting to win both sides of the battle to create the best of both worlds for you and the ‘ecosystem savers.’ These practices take care of almost all pests that enter into homes and work spaces, delivering an organic and safe solution to pests. Our researchers will continue developing and implementing pest management systems and together with you we will create a healthier, greener environment.