Inspection is the Key to Success

Rochester Pest Experts has certified pest technicians that are trained in the art of pest inspection. We believe this is the true parallel between a good service and a great service. We thoroughly inspect your property each and every time we visit to ensure our treatment program is doing its job --- eliminate and protect. Our service technicians will provide a detailed inspection report that will convey all inspection points and treatments throughout the course of our service with your property. We take pride in searching for the pest harborage areas that often go overlooked by the untrained eye….that’s why we call ourselves Rochester Pest Experts!

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A thorough, knowledge-based and information-driven inspection is our differentiator. Not only does our team use scientifically proven and environmentally friendly pest solutions, but we make sure we are using the right solution for the right problem. Each pest has its own biomechanical makeup and its own triggers that will cause either relocation or termination. We take both factors into consideration when setting a plan for which solutions to use and how to implement them.

The goal for every pest control company is to get rid of bugs and nuisances. However, it is not every pest company's priority to give you a pest-free guarantee and provide you a solid, safe plan of execution. Any company will get the job done, but will often miss the root of the problem, use unnecessary harmful pesticides, or just do an ‘allover spray.’ This is dangerous to you and the wildlife ecosystem here in Rochester. In order to keep your neighborhood beautiful, our pest experts treat problems methodically to keep your yards ‘maintenance bugs’ and bees at a manageable level. Now trust me, we are not here claiming that bugs are not a problem, we especially understand they are. We are however boldly stating that there are safe, ethical ways to get rid of these problems. Endangerment of a species creates space for an even bigger problem to present itself. We are particular and thorough with our work, leaving you feeling confident and in control.

Our team will discuss with you concerns and signs of pests before doing the inspection so that we can come prepared with the right people and tools to inspect the correct problem areas. Often, when examining, we will find other small pest or foundational problems that have either led to your major issue or have stemmed from the main issue. Our goal is to not only eliminate the problem but to also help you understand why the problem exists. Once the inspection is complete, we make sure you understand what will be treated, and how, before continuing.

When treatment day comes, we make sure to give you details as to what will be done so you are in-the-know and feel assured the job is being done properly and responsibly. We have a variety of experts who specialize in certain pest problems (ex: mice or rat invasion vs. a wildlife problem) and we send only the best of the best in your problem area(s) to give you confidence that we will fulfill our pest-free guarantee.

If you, your family members, or employees have any questions about your problem or our treatments, our team is happy to help. Our field experts are more than willing to share knowledge, tools, and tricks to help defer pest problems in the future or at other buildings/locations.

Rochester pest experts are committed to continuous knowledge and excellence. Even after 20 years of field experience, we understand there is always more to learn and develop to continue providing the best service available. We are passionate about keeping our reputation of honesty, respect, empathy, integrity, pride, and work ethic high.