Almost everyone has had the unpleasant experience of being either bitten, bothered, or frightened by bugs and insects. These uninvited houseguests usually find their way inside during the colder months, taking up residence in any space that provides them warmth (or coolness), food, and water. Commonly found in basements, bathrooms, or kitchens, many insects can bite humans and pets, stain fabrics, emit foul odors, spread disease, and generally be an overall nuisance.

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Cicadas, Mosquitos, stink bugs and bees are some of the most common and abundant insect bugs found in the eastern states. Specifically here in Rochester. Insects reproduce in large amounts and cover the entire United States. There are 91,000 types of identified insects and just over 73,000 unidentified species in the U.S. alone. Insects can be obnoxious, noise making, and pesky- having no sense of personal space. More importantly though, they carry a variety of different diseases. From dengue fever, and Lyme disease to the plague, and leishmaniasis, insects carry the largest variety of diseases than any other pest. Beyond these, there are several other diseases (such as Malaria) carried by insects, but luckily vaccines and shots take the risks out of these more life-threatening diseases. The worrisome part is the unidentified insects that could also be carrying new and more harmful diseases.

Other pests such as ants, rodents, and bed bugs come into the home with a purpose: to find suitable living space to nest in. These types will work a little harder to get into your home and are better at hiding and staying safe and out of the way than insects are. The reason insects even make it into your home is simply because of how many there are at any given time in an area. Insects blindly find their way in homes more often in the early winter than in other seasons because of the climate change. Although, they are much more abundant in the spring and summer times. Most often, insects are wanderers and, almost by accident, find their way into your home. The reason they stay? Though the temperature often can be a relief, it is usually because they do not know how to get out, nor do they care to try. On top of this, nearly all insects smell with their antennae and can sense the smell of their family members and follow them to where they are. This explains why you see two or three mosquitos flying around in your home or yard. For insects to leave your property, they have to be given a reason or incentive to leave, such as repellents.

Our team offers seasonal inspections to keep your home and yard free of insects year round, but at the least, it is important to get an inspection and treatment in the spring or summer to kill down some of the masses and place repellants around the house to protect you and your loved ones from bites and the diseases carried by the insects. A worst-case scenario may be that a few too many make it in an open window or cracked door and find a good corner to lay their eggs. Hundreds of tiny insects in my home does not sound like a cup of tea. Being inspected regularly allows for problems to be addressed and fixed as well as preventative measures taken. Our team of experts is knowledgeable about insects and other problem pests, we can provide you with help and advice on how to maintain and repel further infestations.