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Rochester Pest Experts focuses on the bottom line for your business; safe natural solutions at an affordable price. Our services continually meet and exceed commercial pest management plans for your business. We want to build a lifetime relationship with your business, where you are happy with our commercial pest services and it fits within your budget. We are Rochester’s most affordable and reliable commercial pest removal company.

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At Rochester Pest Experts we understand that maintaining your business’s reputation matters. Customer and client satisfaction is number one when it comes to referrals and returning customers. If a customer sees any kind of pest in a place of business, they tend to assume the worst - that there is more or that it will happen again. Not surprisingly, people share with their friends as well as with business consumer reports when they have a bad experience. A survey on Yelp’s blog revealed that over half of consumers that use Yelp leave reviews after a memorable (good or bad) experience with a business. This is especially true if your business is in hospitality, food service, child care, or direct customer service in general.

Clients expect a peace of mind that you will take care of them, and the way your business is presented reveals a lot in regards to customer care. We are here to help you maintain your reputation by keeping your facilities in the cleanest condition possible. Spraying the area yourself or hiring big name companies can often be dangerous as the insecticides used to terminate bugs are detrimental to human health. Our experts have developed effective and safe methods to wipe your business building of rodents and invertebrates alike. Our company is pesticide free and uses all natural solutions that will penetrate all areas of your business space while still keeping your work utilities and surfaces clean, safe, and ready-to-use.

We service all types of businesses from local schools to restaurants and nursing homes to large hotels. No matter the business type you own or operate, pests can be a detriment on your influx of business as well as on your’s and your employee’s health.

Almost all places of business gather clutter in storage areas and cabinets that aren’t used daily, and forgotten about to a certain degree. This makes for a great home for cockroaches, mice, carpet beetles, spiders and more to nest in. Pests tend to cluster and create homes in dark, messy areas - they are very intuitive and know where they are safe and out of people’s view. Bugs do not want you to know they are there just the same as you do not want them there.

Taking care of pests can be redundant, tedious task, or it can be a simple and relieving one. With our pest free guarantee we promise that you will not see the bugs we have treated you for and with our seasonal inspection and extermination packages we can give you the peace of mind you need in running a business. Our seasonal inspection business plans will help you stay on top of this important task without feeling overwhelmed when the time is coming up or when you may have procrastinated calling. Over a quick consultation we will set up times that work for you and your staff quarterly. Our team also can be reached easily if any additional attention is needed. We are Better Business Bureau accredited and take pride in our work and your satisfaction.