Bed Bug infestation is a rising epidemic in America, and is quickly becoming a major problem detrimental to public health. Bed bug infestations spread easily in connecting units and have negative effects on psychological well-being and housing markets. When bed bug infestation occurs, it’s will not be a random one time bite attack; they are going to “eat” you methodically, every night. There is no other treatment except complete extermination.

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Just the name ‘bed bugs’ doesn’t really sound like a good time, does it? Several years ago, bed bugs were not a problem you would commonly hear about. The case is very different today. Bed bug infestation is rapidly increasing, creating issues for every kind of person- no longer just the lower income homes and cluttered home owners. The cause is not tied to a direct issue, but experts believe it is because we live in a time where consumption is higher. The more things people own, the more things they have to store- in closets, under beds, in corners, etc. Like other pests, bed bugs like dark, tight quarters. It does not take a hoarder-like situation to attract them, in fact very far from it. Bed bugs can survive at any climate other than extreme temperatures.

When people suspect bed bugs they often turn to the internet and will use blow dryers on their mattress and frame to try and kill the bugs. Unfortunately, it does not quite get the job done. Bed bugs will scatter from the heat but a blow dryers temperature levels will only cause them to run and hide for the time being. As soon as the blow dryer is off and the coast is clear, they are right back to their home. The lethal temperature for these critters runs between 117 and 122 degrees fahrenheit.

Aside from the uncomfortable feeling most people get knowing that bed bugs live in their place of rest, bed bugs can also cause an array of problems. Number one being allergies. It is common for people to be allergic to bed bug bites and, though they do not carry diseases or parasites, their bite will affect the skin. If allergic, itch, irritation, redness or rashes, and other common allergy side effects ensue. Bed bugs are not just one-and-done biters but always come back for more each night you are in bed. It’s hard to tell when they are biting because it is such a small bite that it causes almost no sensation. If you wake up with one or more of the symptoms above, it’s time to contact a pest expert. If you have any concerns or feel you have bed bugs and do not see them, call our team and we will perform an inspection to help bring you the peace of mind you deserve.

Our team takes bed bugs very seriously as they are some of the more resilient bugs that can take quite the effort to dismiss. If and when you spot bed bugs, our team will come in and do a thorough inspection of all mattresses, box frames, and bed frames to find any hidden homes or eggs. Using extreme heat treatments, we kill off most all of the bed bugs’ colony and will come back through with insecticide and steam treatments to make sure all eggs and remaining live bed bugs are terminated. Since they are known to hide and return, we stand behind our pest free guarantee and will return to make sure the job is done correctly and thoroughly.